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    Switching over to the Yoga Swing, or Stack and Tilt as it is commonly called, is a radical shift that has been years in the making for me.

    See the Press Release for more details.


    About the video to your right:

    ... videos like this happen when we go through swing epiphanies. I even wrote a press release practically pledging my devotion to this method. There's that word "method"! Oh the downfall!

    This was a bit over the top ... the sentient being seeping through. The fact is that all method requires doubt ... and doubt is coal black evil to a golfer.

    In the pure swing, the mind should have no idea of what any particular body part is or isn't doing (the observer awakening). The pure swing is both whimsical and formal.

    Having said that, the stack and tilt can be used as an exercise to help us re-center ourselves. We humans (as a result of time and fatigue) tend to get into inefficient habituations. One very common one (the one this author suffers from) is to slowly allow ourselves to slide off of our centers. We know we need to turn about the center, or around the True Centre. In the perfectly centered swing, we do not post up on the right leg; nor do we fully stack the weight on the left. The legs become quiet, yet fully responsive as we find the middle path. The rack of the hips should be like a table top upon which the apex of the upper body triangle spins. Sometimes the hips slide out in the direction of the turn we are making.

    So, we can  use the Stack and Tilt as sort of a Yoga tool to help re-center the body.

    Is this hoax? No ... but see the second video from the top for a further explanation. In this video, I'm trying to demonstrate how motion purifies form and how pure motion can work through varieties in form.


    The third video was made about ten years ago. This was when there were still reflections of light coming from the east bank of the flats in Cleveland, Ohio. I find it fascinating that lights in the background form a Cantor Set. This was not planned, but I like the effect.

    This video is simply a freeform expression using The Golden Swing Thing. Using it will help with golf, tennis, baseball, and other sports.


    "Either may go astray, or either may discover the golden mean before becoming set in the tricks they have excogitated."

    Sir Walter Simpson
    The Art of Golf


















    Congratulations Cheney on your SI video! As many of you know, in real life I am a bartender and a bar manager. Cheney was one of my all star bartenders! She worked for me at a local Cleveland hot spot. I am so happy to have been one of the many people who said, "Keep the dream alive."

    Remember me Cheney? I'm the guy that gave you a glowing recommendation when the Cavs front office called. Sorry, I'm just being goofy. Sometimes we use the stepping stones provided for us and sometimes we provide them for others. This is the sweetness of life!

    If the embedded video will not play, click here to see Cheney.



    View the Ten Actions

    Copyright ? 2009, Golden Barefoot Golf. All rights reserved

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    The philosophy and training products you are about to encounter are made in the U.S.A.
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