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-The Golden Swing Thing Record Book-

These guidelines are set out for anyone wishing to set a world record for consecutive right hand hits, left hand hits, or double hits. If you can provide video documentation of your feat I will post your name here. Here are the numbers to beat.

I will explain the guidelines for right-handed hitters. Opposite terms apply to the lefties.

Single Hitting

1. The tether length must be calibrated to assure that the equator of the hitting ball strikes the Swing Thing between the end of the stick and the outermost edge of the three by one inch rectangular logo. This stipulation gives the swinger a five inch window to work with.

2. The hands, when placed on the shaft of the Swing Thing, shall extend no further than the innermost edge of the three by one inch logo. This allows the swinger to extend his or her reach up to the first five inches of the long fat. It also gives a minimum three inch separation between the swinger's hand and the ball's contact area. Just think of the logo as making a three inch ring around that stick. That three inch ring is off limits to the ball and to both of the hands.

3. Incidental contact of the tether with the hands is legal.

4. After the hit, the ball must travel under the stick length on the opposite side.

5. If the hitting ball or tether touches the body before the hitting ball travels under the opposite side of the stick, the consecutive hit count must stop. The swinger is not penalized for the ill fated return, therefore the last hit counts regardless of the nature of the ensuing disqualification.

5. Any form of double hit is illegal except:

Incidental contact of hitting ball with the interior portion of the stick that is on the same side as the original hitting side is legal. Occasionally after making a solid hit with the right long fat the ball will rocket counter-clockwise around the arc and make contact with the back of the right side of the stick. Provided that the hitting ball travelled under the non-hitting length of the stick this double hit is legal.

6. If the stick makes contact with the ball with a grazing blow (like a foul ball) the ball will have a tendency to skid and make contact with the body on the hitting side. If the swinger, through body and Swing Thing manipulations, can avoid contact and manuever the hitting ball under the opposite side of the stick, such activities will be deemed as a "good save."

7. Hooking the tether of a "grazed" ball so as to snap it back to the other side is also a legal save. Again, this is provided that the above stipulations are met. This move may seem like more than "incidental contact" of the tether with the hand. But incidental hooking is legal because the risk of double hitting and other forms of illegal contact are quite high.

Double Hitting

The freakishly quick could try for the consecutive double hit catagory. I'm personally not up to that game. This catagory measures consecutive back and forth hits. Just remember: if you hit it with the right side and then with the left side that counts as one double hit. If you do the cycle again you have just completed two double hits.

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