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A Momentus® Discussion

My good friend Mark Lobster, otherwise known as The Formalist, is a big fan of the Momentus Swing Trainer®. We had long stand up dining room discussion about the Duval endorsed device, which centered around the meaning of the clubs weightiness. The discussion ultimately demonstrated how the Momentus Swing Trainer and The Golden Swing Thing™ act as reciprocal devices. More on this in a moment.

Later in this piece I will put forward another axiom of golf. This law of the swing system will never be disproven. Now this really could be a momentous discussion ;~)

Note to current Momentus® owners: As a swing trainer the Momentus must be used in a training mode. Although the product has a professional endorsement, many teaching professionals frown on a product that is prone to cause injury if used improperly. Since the Momentus looks very much like an ordinary club many pros fear that the student will attempt to swing it full bore under the misguided notion that they are trying to build a "swing muscle." Don't overextend yourself. Use the heavy club conservatively and much can be learned.

Momentus® owners: try the following exercise:

Part One

  • Take the trainer in hand and take a golf stance as if you were addressing the ball. Don't fuss with the setup too much. Just get comfortable.

  • Start making tiny motions back and forth, toe line to toe line. If you have been using The Golden Swing Thing™ this form of motion will be familiar.

  • Now let the heavy club sweep with a broader scope. Let the wrists react to the heaviness of the club. Go from 5 o'clock to 7 o'clock, then 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock position, and finally 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock on the dial. Obviously in the last two positions the club shaft is parallel to the ground. But don't worry about positions here. And keep the grip as light as possible.

  • Get into a nice flowing and swinging motion--no effort! Back and forth, back and forth.

  • At this point you will want to tighten your grip and notice the changes. The first observation is that the sensation of mass and weightiness is lessened by the act of tensing the hands and forearms (Tension destroys True Gravity). The wrists become cumbersome and the energy flow is blocked. We lose centered-ness.

supposition 1: The greater the mass outside the sensous sphere, the lighter the grip must be.

Part Two

You don't have to be a Momentus® owner to try this one:

  • Take a regular club in the left hand and do something similar to the first exercise. Make sure you are only holding on with the left hand. During this motion hold the right hand along side and move it along with the sweeping motion while keeping it off the shaft.

  • Now switch hands. Hold your club with the right hand only, placing the right hand in its normal position on the shaft. Leave a gap on the shaft where the left hand would normally position itself. Do the exercise like you did in part one. Let the left hand ride alongside the shaft without touching it. Work into an easy to and fro motion

The big question: Which side felt lighter and which heavier. Go try the exercise, think on that a moment, then click here.

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