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Symmetry Demonstration

by Taylor Spalding

Before embarking on the symmetry demonstration, it would be helpful to review the concept and construction of The Golden Swing Thing™. If you have already done so, please read on for a simple exercise you can do to demonstrate the balance and symmetry of the The Golden Swing Thing™.


symmetry1.jpg (36370 bytes)

Lay the stick out along the ground with the short fats overhanging the long fats at opposite ends. See picture above. If you do this correctly you will notice that the eight inch sections, which comprise the seventh gap, will line up perfectly. Excluding the short fats, we have thirteen inches on either side of the seventh gap.

tgst_logo.jpg (67892 bytes)

Also, when the two sections of the Swing Thing are aligned as described, the logos will line up perfectly with the three inch sections of the fifth gap. Notice that there is five inches on either side of the logo (excluding the short fats).

symmetry2.jpg (36681 bytes)

Now if we line up the five inch sections comprising the six gap, we have eight inches on either side. Are you beginning to see the symmetry of the Swing Thing?

symmetry3.jpg (52557 bytes)

Here we go down to the three inch sections of the five gap with five inches on either side.

symmetry4.jpg (54148 bytes)

The two inch sections of the number four gap with three inches on either side.

symmetry5.jpg (52050 bytes)

The one inch sections of the number three gap with two inches on either side.

"So what" you may say. That's fine. Some people don't give a hoot about the simple and profound mysteries of the mathematical universe. Simply put, the whole reason for putting these marks on the stick in this particular arrangement was to give the Swing Thing perfect aesthetic proportion.

The long fat is to the seventh gap as the seventh gap is to the sixth gap.
The seventh gap is to the sixth gap as the sixth gap is to the fifth gap.
The sixth gap is to the fifth gap as the fifth gap is to the fourth gap.

And so on. Of course at some point there must be a bifurcation. In this scenario it takes place when the fourth gap doubles the third gap.

I believe that the golf swing is balanced in a similar fashion. The centripetal force has a reciprocal relationship to the centrifugal force.

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