Golfer Beats Game With A Stick

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Kelly models The Golden Swing Thing™

The Golden Swing Thing from Golden Barefoot Golf is the perfect training tool for the savvy student. According to inventor Jeffrey Moore it ingrains timing, balance, coordination and swing, yet is the simplest and most effective swing training aid ever created.

How does it work? It teaches the golfer to maintain his center of balance while flowing elliptically around it. This is accomplished by attaching a pendulum to the Swing Thing and doing a wide variety of exercises. Since 1991 Moore has been collecting his thoughts about golf and the game’s possible relationship with Eastern philosophy, chaos theory, and quantum physics. The end result is a comprehensive internet training site which Moore authors under the name Taylor Spalding. His work can be found at Moore admits that the company name and pen name are tongue in cheek parodies of modern golf, but maintains this is serious work. "Modern golf instruction focuses on ideal forms in swing. These methods are inefficient because swing is a dynamic system and displays time sensitivity." The Golden Swing Thing and the method at are aimed at teaching the essence of "True Gravity," a term popularized by Michael Murphy in the book Golf in the Kingdom.

The Golden Swing Thing is hand-finished in hard rock Maple, made in the USA, and individually serialized to ensure future collectibility. The rings, or nubs, add aesthetic proportion to The Golden Swing Thing and enable the golfer to use the product in a symmetrical fashion. This training product doesn’t harness the body or place parts into ideal forms, but teaches about flow, balance, centered-ness, and the circulation of energy. Moore adds, "The main thread is that a purer motion creates a purer form." The product is currently available in mens only, but a ladies version is scheduled to come out this fall.

Because of the product's versatility, the Golden Swing Thing can be a great addition to any corporate incentive program. "I developed the product with golf in mind," says Moore, " but I soon realized that the Swing Thing had crossover applications. It can be used to fine tune your baseball skills, tennis skills, even your skiing skills. And it works equally well for both right and left handers. It's a novelty item with function. I like to think of it as a corporate collectible." Companies can have their logos engraved at a special corporate rate. For pricing, contact:

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