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Retraction of the Spalding Grip

I retract the Spalding Grip because the article only serves to demonstrate how deluded we become when we move toward arbitrary conceptions. Even as the author of this site, dualism still comes up to haunt me now and again. It causes me to write things that may invoke the "conception machine" in the reader. (If you want the conception machine, I would suggest going to one of the golf newsgroups). Such activity tends to negate the advancement one makes by simply stepping into the moment and letting go. Connect all movement to the Center and let go. In those situations all arbitrary conceptions fall away and everything just happens. And it happens with beauty and repose!

If we examine both sides of the coin, we will refuse to throw it away. If we examine the roles of the right and left arms (or hands), we will refuse to let them release. As the arbitrary conception moves toward the hands, it moves away from the ALL; it moves us away from the present. Whether we are differentiating between the left and the right or between the center and the periphery, it does not matter. A concept forces a disconnection with the present moment. While it may be fun to come up with theories, nothing will work if it forces us to enter in to the world of ideals and the sentient nature of sensation.


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