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Baseball and Tennis Applications

by Taylor Spalding

As we advance, we can experiment with other forms. In fact, The Golden Swing Thing™ may turn out to be an extremely valuable tool for sharpening baseball skills, tennis skills, and skills in other racquet sports. This following exercise is designed just for those types of sports. Before you start, here's a link to the answer of a question you may already be asking.

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Batting Exercise

For this exercise we should set up with the pendulum hanging lifeless from the center, the arms reaching out along the stick, and the palms facing more forward than upward. From this position we should make a swing. It is not very difficult to strike the pendulum, provided FIRST: that the movement is a swing, and SECOND: that the movement is centered, and THIRD: that we have a pure look at the ball. What we find is that when we have an instant thought of "how do I hit this ball?" we inevitably miss the ball. Conversely, when we simply track the ball (WITNESS the ball) and move on center toward it the hands, through the medium of the stick, just naturally go to the ball and strike it. The movement of swing is the first cause.

We can then move into snapping the red ball from hip to hip and turning on the ball as it makes it's way round front. For example: As the ball snaps the right hip the body's weight should be over the left foot. As we change directions we begin to move the Swing Thing around to the right. The hitting ball leaves the right hip and begins to whip around in front of us clockwise. As the hitting ball gets around front we should turn on the True Center and meet the ball with the long fat of the right side. When we see the ball purely and move purely we will find that the stick makes solid contact with the ball, sending it hurriedly back around to the right hip. Reverse this technique and we can train ourselves to be competent switch hitters!

As we further advance, we should try the last exercise with our eyes closed, releasing even more to the act of true swing. There is no feeling like the "blind double hit!" We also notice that the WELTING can occur at any point in space. We should practice swinging the hitting ball out, straight back or sweep it by the knee. If there is WANING pure contact can be made at any point along the sphere of movement that the hitting ball touches. As we advance in our ability to perform timely hits and double hits, blind or otherwise, we notice that on the occasion of our purest hits there is no distinct sensation in the hands apart from the feeling of pure extension of the True Center. We can feel the uprush of energy as if a flame is burning from the wick of the navel. This is feeling of the pure hit that so easily leads to the addiction to the desire to feel it again. This is the feeling that turns a hobby into an obsession ;~} It is felt on a pure four foot putt; it is felt on a three hundred yard drive. Practicing this way with the stick will turn this feeling into "nothing special" and we can thus approach golf and the racquet sports as nothing special.

It is an excellent idea to practice WITNESSING during the above exercise. Get into a rhythm and then observe the stick making contact with the object. Actually witness the strike! This exercise makes it easy to catch yourself blinking at impact. Keep in mind though, that even a blind man will make better contact if his motion of swing is perfected!

I don't pretend that the velocity of the hitting ball will even approach the velocity of a slow pitched softball. I don't pretend that yours truly could even hit the fastball of a mediocre minor league pitcher or the serve of a decent tennis player. At this point I cannot prove that the Swing Thing will help with these sports. But I believe that working with The Golden Swing Thing™ in this way will improve hand/eye coordination in many hitting situations including golf.

To the reader: If you have any experiences with the Swing Thing in relation to other ball striking sports, please drop me a line and tell me about it :~)

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