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March 16, 2000 -- I know it's been a long time since I've updated the training area. Sorry about that folks. I took a baby step and completed The Plane Game.

I think this little article speaks to the natural qualities of the golf swing. If we just set up right and let go, all will be well. Don't worry about "plane." Just trust that it will be right!....and it will be!

Also New: comment on the Power Source of swing.

October 6, 1999 -- An unabridged version of the Spalding Triple Point and Release Grip is now available in the Product Web.Get out your GST and be sure to follow the link to Proof that golf is a dominant hand game.

Final team batting stats of Golden Swing Thing recipients.

Oakland A's-- .259 improvement or decline since All-star break +.15
San Diego Padres --
.252 improvement or decline since All-star break -.10
L.A. Dodgers --
.266 improvement or decline since All-star break +.03
Anaheim Angels --
.256 improvement or decline since All-star break -.05

Net improvement of all teams +.03

Just about a wash eh?

Alright, so it wasn't exactly a scientific study. I don't know if any of the teams even took the swing tool out of the box! It's something I wanted to do ... and it's done.

July 13, 1999 -- One of the former product testers expressed his beliefs about "active hands." I wholeheartedly disagree with his view. See the Viewer Mail for the full picture. I have now posted proof of my conjecture here in the product web.

July 12, 1999 -- Out of the six worst hittting teams in the Major Leagues, California teams own four of those spots. Today I sent out Swing Things to the following teams:

Oakland A's - hitting .244 at the All-Star break
San Diego Padres - hitting .262 at the All-Star break
L.A. Dodgers - hitting .263 at the All-Star break
Anaheim Angels - hitting .261 at the All-Star break

I decided to leave out the Detroit Tigers because they reside in the same division as the Cleveland Indians. I can't dis the tribe ;~]

There is no guarantee that the above teams will use the Swing Thing. But if you were the hitting coach of a weak hitting team, wouldn't you try just about anything?

They say that trends start in California and make their way east. Perhaps this is a good omen for the Swing Thing.

League leaders at the All-Star break:

American League- Cleveland Indians hitting .296
National League- Colorado Rockies hitting .287

July 1, 1999 -- On Sunday morning, before any of the holiday baseball games are played, I will check the current Major League Baseball statistics. The teams which have compliled the worst team batting averages in their respective leagues will receive The Golden Swing Thing™. I will try to send it out the Friday before the All-star break.

As of today, the San Diego Padres and the Oakland A's have the dubious honor of being the worst batting teams in the league. The Anaheim Angels and the Florida Marlins are however right in there. It could be a tight race to the bottom. I may even send one to the other two second-worst teams as a consolation prize.

With all seriousness: If the A's and the Padres can improve their hitting they both have a shot at the playoffs. Neither team is out of it.

This is insider information and is only posted to the Product Web.

Check the stats for yourself (opens new window)

April 28, 1999 -- I decided to test the material put forth in the article A Momentus Discussion. Since I believe golf to be a Ga Ga thing, I sought verification for the axiom presented there by asking a child. For a little baseball magic go to Child Verifies the Axiom.

April 27, 1999 -- New article A Momentus Discussion. Here I explore the relationship of the Momentus® Swing Trainer to The Golden Swing Thing™. I also put forth a new axiom for golf based on these observations.

April 13, 1999 -- New article Extending the Pigeonhole Technique. This article takes some key elements from previous Product Web articles and blends them into a powerful setup technique.

March 17, 1999 -- I received an e-mail yesterday from a satisfied reader. This gentleman had written previously stating that I was "like Ernest Jones on acid." He wrote again, looking for a copy of The Secret of the Waggle. I gave him a guest pass to the product web this past weekend and here is a copy of the letter he sent yesterday.

I know I said there would be a product tester exit survey available on March 1st. Well, I'm behind a bit. :~) I will notify each product tester by e-mail when the survey is ready.

March 2, 1999 -- Check out the Point and Shoot exercise. Glossary updated with new entry. What is the Spalding Triangle?

February 17, 1999 -- I have added a page with links to some of my favorite (and original) golf sayings. Go to the Aphorism home page.

February 12, 1999 -- When I was testing the first group of exercises page, I noticed that it took forever to load all the photos. It was annoying me; it's probably annoying you. I have replaced the photos in the text with either  a thumbnail labeled "photo" or a thumbnail of the actual photo. This photo will be loaded into the main frame. Use your "Back" button to go back to the article you were reading.

mandel.gif (2207 bytes)

The Three Groups of exercises have been thumbnailed. I'm working on the rest :~)

February 7, 1999 -- I have updated the navigation to take fuller advantage of the frames layout. I hope this makes it a bit easier to get around :~)

February 4, 1999 -- Things are back to normal now that the server is up and running again. Too bad the internet backbone crashed in Northeast Ohio on Tuesday. Let's face it, the internet is not a reliable network. When I ask you in the exit survey about whether or not to have an instructional video with the product, just answer "yes."

There are new photos in the first group of exercises, dual swoosh, and dual swoosh II. I will always post to the What's New when new photos are added. When I get to the streaming video ... that link will be on the front page. I hope that everyone's getting the hang of The Golden Swing Thing™. If you're having trouble, please write. I answer all questions fielded.

January 25, 1999 -- The server crashed hard over the weekend. My apologies to anyone experiencing frustrations. It seems like the more I use Microsoft products the more I feel like I'm driving an old jalopy. Let's face it: Microsoft products are BUGGY!

Please keep sending mail. Here are a couple of new FAQ's


FAQ 10

January 20, 1999 -- I think most of you will find that The Golden Swing Thing™ is the kind of training device that you just pick up, put down, and pick up again. If you're looking for some kind of training regimen, you're out of luck. You will have to develop it on your own. Just work the stick and the True Center will refine itself. Develop your own routine with it just as you develop your own routine when commencing to address the golf ball. This is a continuity, flow, and balance device. It's not a "do ten of these and twenty of those" type of training aid.

January 18, 1999 - Everything!!

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